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In addition to that, we’re resetting the Edit Index and Selected Index when the page is changed to avoid cases, for example, where you change pages and are suddenly editing a different item.Bind Data could be called in Page Index Changing, but to show that it the event is raised, we’ve handled that in Page Index Changed. NET forums is how to deal with exceptions like The Grid View 'Grid View1' fired event Row Editing which wasn't handled.The Grid View 'Grid View1' fired event Page Index Changing which wasn't handled.would be a huge security hole (unless you are absolutely sure that your data are safe to be rendered to HTML without encoding).But automatic encoding is NOT the case for a label for instance.

So i figured out as follow: on my Edit Item Template : This solution allowed me to show properly an html-encoded data for all of my Text Boxes and at the same time being able to access this data from the new Values array when the item_Updating event fires.

We’ll get to how these properties are populated shortly, but first we need to go back to the Bind Data method.

The original method shown above did not implement any sorting, but now that we have a place to store the Sort Expression and Sort Direction we need to change that.

We also need force databinding to occur when then page is loaded, which we’ll handle in Page_Load.

The required actions for paging to work are setting the new page index, setting the Data Source, and calling Data Bind (the last two through the Bind Data method).

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